Who We Are

Established in 2016

The company was founded under these principles — transparency, trust and respect. Whether it is IT project, IT maintenance support or software development, we start onboarding with a deep understanding of our client’s business need and craft the best solution to help them achieve their goals. We don’t believe in short-cuts and address the root of the problem instead of applying temporary bandage fixes. Usually, there is more work upfront but a cost effective solution in the long term. Most importantly, with this holistic management approach, many unknowns and risks can be mitigated thus achieving a predictable outcome for our clients.

  • We believe in equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • We are minority owned business.
  • We are a Microsoft Partner.
  • We are carbon and eco friendly.
  • Proudly serving local businesses and non-profit organizations

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Our Team

Brian Huang

Brian Huang

Senior Consultant | CSM | CSPO

Brian has over 20 years of extensive background in software development and product management. He manages a team of talented IT professionals and developers to help local businesses and non-profit organizations with their IT and software need.

Nav Soni

Nav Soni

Senior Technical Partner | AWS Solutions Architect

Nav has multi decades of experience in web application development and building custom software using latest technologies. He has been working with web, mobile apps and custom software development since 2005.